Often working in an office space environment can bring both its positives and negatives. Working from home has to many distractions so your office is a necessity. Everyone should want to go to work every morning and improving your office space can improve morale of your staff and improve your efficiency.

Below are 5 tips to improve your work space:

  1.  Create A Vision Board3845d5ea8812698e77e802f0cbb1032cRather than have sticky notes all over your office or piles of paper buy a white board or pin board. Having a visual reminder as you walk in to your office everyday can help you not only remember tasks you may have forgotten but can also inspire and motivate staff to complete objectives. Writing your business goals on the board is also a clever way to keep you motivated and your staff focused.
  2. Give Yourself Enough Space – Nothing in an office is worse than too much clutter as you may lose important documents or forget information you need. Therefore throw away anything that doesn’t need to be there such as loose paper and notes. If you have a small office do you need the amount of desks you have? Do you have all the space you need? Having more space will allow everyone in the office more freedom.
  3. Represent Your Business – Make sure your business is well represented upon entry  of the office. You want any potential client to be impressed so if you have worked on a project big or small have it represented in the office via e.g a photograph of said project. This not only gives a good impression of what your business can do, it also opens up for more conversation between yourself and potential business partners.
  4. Have A Water Cooler – Hydration is key to a vibrant and engaged workforce. Having a water machine in the office is important as it keeps the staff healthy and hydrated also improving their energy levels daily. It is not only a good place for employees to meet and talk over ideas but a way to keep everyone focused.
  5. Style Your Office To Your Personality – Brighten up your office space with new decor and tailor it to you or your business style. If the walls are dull give the room a boost with a new paint colour or hang a few pictures. Art or even memorabilia is a fantastic way to showcase your personality and give out the impression you would want.

Office Desk - OrganisedImproving your work space can bring benefits to both your business and your staff so what are you waiting for?

Interested in having your own office space give UrbanWorkSpace a call on 01214560707. We have four locations across Birmingham so we are sure to have an office perfect for your business needs. To view our locations and read about them in more detail visit our official website –



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UrbanWorkSpace will be sponsoring this years Entrepreneur of the Year award 2015.

Recently the Birmingham Post released the nominees for all their awards which can be viewed by clicking here.

The Birmingham Post Business Awards (or BPBA for short) are set to take place on Thursday November 12th at the ICC. We here at UrbanWorkSpace would like to wish good luck to all the nominees.

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IMG_1758Interested in a new office space for your business? Whether you are a brand new business or an established company, with many modern, creative offices to choose from, UrbanWorkSpace is the place for you!

UrbanWorkSpace is a family owned and run business based in Birmingham, UK.

UrbanWorkSpace has 4 locations across Birmingham. Each location has its own different features ranging from secure, on-site car parking to boardrooms for hire to an on-site cafe. All features are listed for each location on our official website.

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The site details all of our completed projects such as Steward Street Business Lofts, Branston Court etc. As well as featuring our upcoming projects across Birmingham including the Brandaeur Building and Pype Hayes Hall.

Our future project of restoring Pype Hayes Hall was recently featured in the Birmingham Post newspaper. If you are interesting in reading the article about our work on Pype Hayes Hall click here!

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Interested in a new office? or just fancy a change?

UrbanWorkSpace has been involved in office property development and management for over a decade. UrbanWorkSpace has offices available in 4 locations across Birmingham. We have offices of all sizes large, medium and small with a range of different facilities. With 4 locations we will definitely have something of interest to you.

UrbanWorkSpace has 4 locations across Birmingham:

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Branston Court,

Regent Place,

Cuckoo Wharf

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IMG-20150409-WA0002Recently we here at UrbanWorkSpace held our first networking event. The event went well and we plan on doing more in the future. We decided to host a networking event for a variety of reasons.

The main reason we decided to host the event was to give our tenants a platform to communicate with each other and promote their respective businesses.

More and more businesses are hosting networking events and there are many reasons why you should to!

Here are 10 reasons to network:

  1.  A great way to promote your business/products to a new consumer base and source potential clients.
  2.  A way to build up your professional network with new people.
  3.  Communicate with people in different fields of business.
  4.  Gain new contacts from different professions that could be useful to your business moving forward.
  5.  Learn new trends and helpful tips from other professionals.
  6.  Find future employees or employers.
  7.  Advertise yourself or your business by handing out leaflets and business cards getting you name out there!
  8.  New way to give people an in person demonstration or sales pitch of what your business does in your own words.
  9.  Reach people you may not have reached through other means.
  10.  Network with people from around the country.

All points from the above list will help improve your business whether you are a start up business or a major brand, it’s always advantageous to attend professional networking events held in or out of your career field.

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Hotdesks are shared work spaces where employees from various different businesses share an office space. It varies depending on the office location but usually if you hire a hotdesk you will get your own desk in a shared office with your own phone and own locker/filing cabinet.

Hotdesking first started in the early 1990’s and is becoming more and more popular. There are many advantages to hiring a hotdesk for your own business:

  • Cost Effective
  • Helpful For Mobile Businesses
  • Perfect For New Start Up Businesses
  • Saves Space
  • Good For Companies With Few Employees
  • Flexibility To Work When & Where You Want

Interesting fact – The term ‘hotdesking’ comes from the Navy term ‘hot bunking’ (also known as hot bedding or hot racking) where sailors would swap bunks to sleep when their duty had ended.

UrbanWorkSpace offers hotdesks at our Steward street location in Birmingham.

Hotdesking starts at £35 a week including WiFi.

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