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After a lot of hard work and time our brand new website is now live!

The new UrbanWorkSpace official website

The new website features great improvements on the last. We have a brand new user interface and design which should represent and bring the modern style of our premises online.

Each location has its own specific page detailing what is unique about each location and what each building offers.





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Did you know both tenants and non-tenants can book our boardroom, meeting and training rooms?

At Steward Street Business Lofts, rooms are available to hire. Need a small room for an important meeting or need a large room for training purposes?

All day or just for an hour? UrbanWorkSpace can help!


Competitively priced, UrbanWorkSpace is a great place to meet.

Interested? Give us a call on 01214560707.

With 4 locations across Birmingham, UK, UrbanWorkSpace has an office for you and your business needs!

Steward Street Business Lofts:

Pictured below, our Steward Street Business Lofts location. Steward Street offers a modern environment with a creative feel. Offices are available for this location. The location includes tenant car parking, reception facilities and boardroom hire.


Branston Court

Here is another of our locations located in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. Branston Court, on Branston Street has more of a traditional feel than Steward Street but features everything you could need whether your business is an established brand or a start up company. The space also features its own car park and reception facilities. Branston Court has everything from small to medium to large offices available.


Regent Place

The 3rd of our locations is called Regent Place. Regent Place is a traditional grade 2 listed building with offices ranging from small to large.


Cuckoo Wharf:

Our Cuckoo Wharf location is in Aston, Birmingham. This office has 24 hour access and features its own on site car parking for tenants. The office itself is located not far from Aston Villa Football Club stadium, Villa Park.

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If you are looking for a new office in Birmingham or are looking to move from your current office space. With the new year right around the corner now is the perfect time to rent a new office!

Call UrbanWorkSpace on 0121 456 0707 or alternatively to learn more about our locations and read more in detail please visit our website by clicking here.


Whether you are a start up business or you work from home, renting a new office space can bring you and your company many benefits. Below are 5 reasons to take the plunge and rent your own office space today!

  1. It Is Better Than Working From Home. Working from home can have its distractions whether it is from family members, chores, telephone calls or simply the television that makes getting any work done sometimes a near impossible job! Having your own office space allows you to focus solely on the job at hand leading to a more effective day of work.
  2. Time Effective. Having your own office allows you more freedom at work and more control over your business. Away from the everyday distractions of working from home you can manage your time more effectively and get more work done in your day. At home sometimes the day can fly by without you realizing it however, in your own office space you have one sole focus and that is your business.IMG_1773
  3. Your Own Personal Space. Its your office you decide how it looks and everything about it. You can customize your area to make the business feel the way you want and be relevant to your industry.
  4. Professional Atmosphere. If you are working in a team or by yourself, having your own office space makes your business look more professional. It also gives you a much more formal space to meet any potential business clients. First impressions are always important and having an office in a business centre can enhance the impression your company gives out to any potential future employees or business partners! If you do work in a team, being together in the office can lead to more in depth discussion and better teamwork. Working together face to face in an office environment is better than communicating over the phone or internet.
  5. It Will Benefit All Aspects Of Your Business! The change of scenario can benefit you in every way. It will give you an added boost going to work everyday while also visibly increasing the stature of your business giving your brand more credibility.

Are you interested in renting a new office space? Visit or contact UrbanWorkSpace on 0121 456 0707.

IMG_1758Interested in a new office space for your business? Whether you are a brand new business or an established company, with many modern, creative offices to choose from, UrbanWorkSpace is the place for you!

UrbanWorkSpace is a family owned and run business based in Birmingham, UK.

UrbanWorkSpace has 4 locations across Birmingham. Each location has its own different features ranging from secure, on-site car parking to boardrooms for hire to an on-site cafe. All features are listed for each location on our official website.

With inclusive bills and 4 locations across Birmingham what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today on 0121 456 0707 and check out our official website by pressing here.

Below are a few new pictures of our Steward Street location in Birmingham. Offices are available now from UrbanWorkSpace.

Interested in a new office in Birmingham? Call 0121 456 0707 or visit UrbanWorkSpace today.


UrbanWorkSpace Steward Street Outerior


Steward Street Business Lofts Reception


Steward Street Business Lofts Reception


Steward Street Business Lofts Reception


Steward Street Business Lofts Boardroom


Steward Street Business Lofts Office