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I’ve been doing a little bit of research on the heritage of some of our properties in preparation for a new website we’re creating celebrating the heritage of our beloved Birmingham and I’ve discovered a few interesting and mysterious stories about our brand new project, Pype Hayes Hall in Erdington.

Traditional Photograph Of Pype Hayes Hall, Erdington.

Pype Hayes Hall is a very historic building as shown above. Pype Hayes Hall is a grade II listed building located in Erdington, Birmingham. Pype Hayes Hall was originally a mansion that was owned by the Arden family and then the Bagot family. It was sold to the Birmingham City Council in the 1920’s who in turn used the historic location as a children’s home. Last year, UrbanWorkSpace owner Gerry Pountney bought Pype Hayes Hall.

The current owner, Gerald Pountney (pictured below) plans on not only redeveloping the location but also plans to turn Pype Hayes Hall into a 4 star luxury hotel featuring 60 bedrooms, a spa, swimming pools and much, much more.

Gerry Pountney Owner Of UrbanWorkSpace Standing Outside Of Part Of Pype Hayes Hall (Photo Credit. Birmingham Post)

It is another great location that has been added to an already impressive portfolio of buildings across Birmingham. Gerald Pountney owns property throughout Birmingham including 4 business centres and 2 pubs. Click here to view the completed and ongoing projects by Mr. Gerry Pountney including Pype Hayes.

Gerry has redeveloped both Steward Street Business Lofts in Ladywood and Branston Court located in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter which can be found by clicking here. With a successful history of redeveloping projects in Birmingham, Gerry Pountney is looking forward to completing the redevelopment and making Pype Hayes Hall a success as well!

Gerald Manton & Sareena Jones Plan On Marrying At The Venue In The Future (Photo Credit. Birmingham Mail)

The vision for the venue is also for Pype Hayes Hall to be able to host events. Gerald Manton (Gerry Pountney’s son) has stated that he plans on getting married at the famous hall to Sareena Jones once the redevelopment has been completed. It will be the perfect way to kick off this new era of Pype Hayes Hall.

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The site details all of our completed projects such as Steward Street Business Lofts, Branston Court etc. As well as featuring our upcoming projects across Birmingham including the Brandaeur Building and Pype Hayes Hall.

Our future project of restoring Pype Hayes Hall was recently featured in the Birmingham Post newspaper. If you are interesting in reading the article about our work on Pype Hayes Hall click here!

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