The Brandauer Building Project


It’s been some time since we spoke about our up and coming project, the Brandauer Building, but we’re pleased to say we’ve secured the funding necessary to give it all of the TLC it deserves.

If you didn’t already know, we’re pretty proud of our business centres. Unlike most office space providers, we start at the very beginning, selecting buildings for their charm, their image and most importantly, their potential. Many of our properties have a Grade listing, making them not only unique projects for us, but valuable investments likely to benefit the local community and the City of Birmingham.  Bringing derelict and dilapidated buildings back into use is just one part of our vision. As born and bred Brummies (with a few honourary outsiders on the UrbanWorkSpace team!), it’s important for us to give something back and we do this by re-inventing, refurbishing and renewing; breathing new life into some of Birmingham’s tiredest buildings.

Our plans for the Brandauer Building are in motion and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into this tasty and rather meaty project. Watch this space for news and progress reports!

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